About The Event

The Canadian “Storm Chasing Convention” is an event not to be missed. Now in its fourth year, we’re excited to bring the show to Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Alt Hotel Winnipeg
310 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Saturday, September 29, 2018
(with bonus content on Friday and Sunday!)

What's ChaserCon Canada About?

This is the storm chasing convention for anyone who is interested in learning more about severe weather in Canada particularly and around the world.

No prior storm chasing experience is required to attend and presentations and workshops will be offered to all levels of weather enthusiasts. You will also be invited to network and ask questions of the storm chasers in attendance as well as the presenters. All are welcome!

Hurry Up!

Last year, ChaserCon Canada sold out! 2018's conference starts in...

Conference Schedule

The big day is Day 2. Friday and Sunday are bonus days, but there's fun to be had on all three days.
  • Day 1

    September 28, 2018

  • Join some of us for dinner a the Shark Club Winnipeg, 233 Hargrave St (inside Cityplace). This is just a few blocks from our home hotel. We have the side room booked just for ChaserCon Canada attendees. Dinner will run straight into the highly anticipated show and tell.
    Shark Club Winnipeg

  • Join us in the side room of Shark Club Winnipeg (233 Hargrove St, in Cityplace). We'll spend as long as we can looking at all your favourite photos and videos from the 2018 storm season.
    Shark Club Winnipeg

  • Day 2

    September 29, 2018

  • The interesting effect that morning convection has on the day of severe storm setups.

  • Forecasting basics

  • The University of Manitoba has Canada's only for-credit storm chasing program. John will tell us all about it.

  • Please tweet and otherwise tag @DominosManitoba to thank them for generously sponsoring lunch at ChaserConCanada!

  • What if the Edmonton tornado had actually hit Winnipeg?

  • Natalie will tell us all about the warning preparedness program she is involved with through ECCC.

  • Day 3

    September 30, 2018

  • Did you make new friends this weekend? Please feel free to arrange your own group lunch with new and/or old friends as you head home, filled with amazing knowledge and exciting plans for next year's storm season.

Our Speakers

We bring the best and the brightest in storm chasing to you. Even better, many of them are Canadian. Relevant, timely information, without the exchange rate.

Our Sponsors

ChaserCon Canada can’t run without help from its generous sponsors. Please make sure you thank the following people and companies for their generous support of this event!


Alt Hotel Winnipeg
310 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H3

The convention is being held at the gorgeous Alt Hotel Winnipeg. This hotel has a great meeting space as well as well-priced rooms for you to crash in.

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